Canon Speedlite 430EX II flash

Bought my first flash recently (May 2010), the 430EX II, which is the second best Canon flash as of today (the 580EX II being top of the line). Flash photography is really a new world to me, and I can’t say that I’m very good at it yet. But I do love all the new possibilities you get just from a single on camera flash. A lot of new complexity, but a lot of fun too! :)

The main difference between a built-in flash and an on-camera is that the built-in always fires straight at the subject, which as you probably know produces flat, cold and very unnatural images. Bouncing the flash in the ceiling or nearby walls make all the change in the world, you will have a completely different light. You’ll get shades, gradients and generally a lot warmer light (unless you bounce the light in a wall painted blue). It’s not always possilble to get a good bounce and personally, being inexperienced, I find myself having to try a few times with different angles before I get a lighting that I like. But I really am impressed with how good pictures you actually can get with a flash at all.

Sample pictures