About Suddig.nu

This is just another photo blog that I bet you don’t really need … :)

The word suddig means blurry, or out of focus, in Swedish. I don’t necessarily imply that I’m no good at taking pictures, but I prefer to be humble. And it’s a bit of fun. If you are not from Sweden, you might be wondering what .nu is (Sweden has .se for country suffix). Nu means now in Swedish, and has become popular here because it’s less expensive and also effective, like in www.happy.now!

I generally upload the images at a width of 1200 pixels, because good pictures are worth at least as much resolution, so a decent browser size is required if you are to view them smoothly. If they do not fit, try maximizing your window.

I hope you find something you like. And of course, comments are always welcome!

/Staffan enter