Top 5 pictures

Here you will find my own personal favorites, the ones I consider too be my best myself. Or those I like the most right now. Not necessarily the best from a professional photographer standpoint. The list will change from time to time, at least I hope that I will be able to capture even better images in the future!

Number 1 – The Winner, my all time favorite shot

Matilda is about one year old here I think, the picture was taken the summer of 2009 with my EOS 30D and the telephoto lens EF-S 55-250 mm (exposed 1/200 sec at F/9,0 and ISO 200). I remember that I noticed the action from a distance and quickly grabbed the camera to fire off a few shots. This was the one I liked the most. I love her focus on the berries and also the forgotten straws of grass in her other hand. And the light is good too, not to hard, it was probably a bit cloudy at the time I guess. This photo works very well in black n white in my opinion.

Number 2 – Wonderful atmosphere

Liv, Anna, me, Magnus and Steve were playing with Liv’s similar-to-lego toys at Magnus and Anna’s place in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Liv really liked to have us build towers of bricks that she would then demolish in different ways! I really like this shot because of the light and the expressions on their faces. (Shot with my EOS 5D mk II and EF 24-105 mm at 1/125 sec with F/4,0 and ISO 3200 which works pretty good in black n white.)

Number 3 – Hanging around

I can’t really say why I like this picture so much, I just do. The background blur and even more so the vague distant lines against the sky certainly contributes to the appeal. And the subject itself draws my thoughts to summer time and vacation. (The clothespins are apparantly off duty too!) The shot just happened while I was laying down on a lawn, more or less by accident, perhaps the best way to do it, without too much thought.

Number 4 – The butterfly

Now this one I like both because it’s beautiful and because it’s technically very good (imho). The sharpness is great even down to 1:1 pixel zoom (at 21 megapixel), the noise is low (ISO 100), the colors are plentiful (the saturation is actually reduced somewhat in the post process here, so there is a lot more capacity available if you would want it) and the framing is nice too (in this case the centered subject works better than the rule of thirds I think). Taken late in the summer of 2010, or even early autumn, the butterflies (there were a couple of them around) were unusually still, pausing a long time on each flower. So for once I didn’t need to rush at all.

Number 5 – Rusty bolt

This picture was taken at Hinsholmen harbour, in the west outskirts of Gothenburg, the winter 2009/2010. I got many good shots that day, but this is one of my absolute favorites. I have always liked close up detail images, and here the rusty bolt pops out if the image even though the background is still visible enough to tell you something about the context. I love the surprisingly rich colors, many different hues but still harmonizing well together.