EF 15 mm F2,8 Fisheye

A fisheye lens is really something else. Love it or hate it, but if you don’t overuse it, I think it sometimes can produce very different and interresting images. A 15 mm fisheye renders a field of view that is much larger then a normal rectlinear 15 mm lens, so on a full frame camera body, this is about as much wide angle you can get in a standard 3:2 photo.

The build quality is pretty good and the lens is very sharp, at lest for a fisheye. Corner sharpness is almost acceptable even at F2,8 and gets a lot better when stopped down. The micro drive is a bit slow and noisy, but the need for autofocus is not that great (everything farther away than one meter will more or less be in focus if you set distant focus).

I will add some sample pictures here later on …

Segment: Canon midrange
Type: 15 mm fisheye
Drive: Micro
Speed: F2,8
Weight: 330 g

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Sample pictures

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