Photography links

This is a list of a few essential photography places on the net. All worth visiting – every day! :)

The Digital Picture

Absolutely the reference site for Canon lenses on the net. All available DSLR cameras and lenses are reviewed here, I think, and more reviews are added as new products are released.

There are a lot of useful tools, like high ISO performance comparison images (included in the camera reviews) and a general image comparison tool for allmost all lenses available. Perfect when you sit there at home dreaming about all the new gear you are going to buy! :) Be sure to check out the ISO 12233 Resolution Chart Comparison feature, it can really give you some facts about the optic performance of the lenses you are interested in.

Bare in mind that this is not official information from Canon, on the contrary the site is completely independant, if I’m not misstaken. A great thank you to Bryan Carnathan for providing us all with all this splendid information!

Digital Photography Review

Another great general photography site, loaded with reviews of lenses, cameras (both DSLR and compact models) and other gear. The side-by-side comparison tool (found from the “Buing Guide” in the left column), is excellent to find out the differences between any cameras you are interrested in.


Great site with reviews, a very active community and a lot of beautiful images.


Great swedish photographer community site with enormous content.

Ron Bigelow’s photography articles
Interresting reading about many aspects of photography.

John Hallméns photos
Extraordinary macro shots.

Photos by Patrik Larsson.

PapaC’s photo blog
Photos by Christian Johansson.

Peter Lik fine art photography.

Emely Soto
Fashion photographer with a bit different expression.
Blog about macro photography. Impressive images.

Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2011
I’m not really into astronomy photography, but still …

Pinkbike Photo of the Year 2011
Nice bike action images.

Earth, Time Lapse View from Space, by NASA
Beautiful orbital fly-overs shot from the ISS (International Space Station).

B&H Photo, Video and Pro Audio
Perhaps the best place to buy photo gear online (located in the US).

Computer photo-realistic rendering links

Large texture collection, free to use for renderings.

Cool French next generation 3D engine! :)

Octane Render
Another computer rendering gallery.

WebGL Water
Nice live WebGL demo of interactive water.

Some cool rendered videos

Classroom Flythrough
Villa Cologny Architecture
Golf House in Caesarea
The Mountain time lapse movie