EF 28 mm F1,8 USM

Shortly after I bought this lens, it became my favorite for low light photography indoors. 28 mm on a crop camera, such as the 30D I was using at the time, is equivalent to a little less than 50 mm on a full frame body, so it’s a pretty good alround lens. Now that I have a full frame camera body and recently added the EF 50 mm F1,2 to my gear, the 28 mm is not as frequently used any longer.

However, I think it is a very good lens. F1,8 allows you to shoot in very poor light: It works well at a cozy dinner table, even in mere candle light if you turn up the ISO to 800 or so. And you can also get a very thin depth of field – something that often is a bit unusual with a wide angle lens. The build quality is solid and the lens feels pleasantly heavy for its convenient small size. I do recommend it, although you should also consider the EF 35 mm F1,4 L USM if you can afford it.

EF 28mm F1,8 Segment: Canon midrange
Type: 28 mm prime
Drive: Ultrasonic
Speed: F1,8
Weight: 310 g

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