Tokina 12-24 mm

I no longer own this lens. Sold it today (January 2010) and I actually got quite a bit more money for it than I paid (in the US) when I bought it new last summer. Great deal, and a great lens. I am going to miss it although my need for it is much less now using my full frame camera.

Original text:

Having a really wide lens is good fun! This Tokina lens is very well built and feels very good to operate. The autofocus is fast and silent, fully internal, although it’s not ultrasonic. 12 mm is not the shortest you can find, but it was enough for me. After some research I decided on the Tokina 12-24 mm because of it’s said to be superior image quality when compared to wide zoom lenses in the same price range. And I wasn’t disappointed.

Tokina 12-24 mm Segment: Tokina wide angle zoom
Type: 12-24 mm zoom lens

Drive: Micro
Speed: F4,0
Weight: 570 g

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