EF 100 mm F2,8 L IS USM Macro

More versatile than you think!

This fixed focal length lens is actually very good a number of different tasks. Besides being a very high quality macro lens, it can also work as a fine portrait lens, an action stopping telephoto lens or a low light prime. I find that this lens makes it unnecessary for me to purchase an 85 mm F1,8 or the 135 mm F2,0. This lens matches both of them in sharpness and (almost) in focal length. It’s a full stop slower at F2,8 – but on the other hand it has a very good (fourth generation I think) IS that should (and actually does) allow up to 4 times longer exposure time (if your subject is kind enough to stand still). The out of focus blur is very nice and the sharpness is about as good as it gets, only mentionably surpassed by the super series like the EF 200 mm F2 or the EF 300 mm F2,8. I like it a lot, but if you are buying you should also consider the older (non-L) 100 mm macro without IS, because it’s also a very good lens (or so I have heard) and gives you great value for the money.

Segment: Canon pro series
Type: 100 mm 1:1 macro lens
Drive: Ultrasonic + Hybrid Stabilizer
Speed: F2,8
Length: 123 mm
Weight: 625 g
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